Jim Brogan's - 10 Steps to Success
Jim Brogan's - 10 Steps to Success

Jim's Message to Coaches & Teachers

As prominent figures in the lives of young people, you (especially you coaches) have the ability in the palm of your hand to make or break a child or teen simply by what you say to them. Most people can still remember those teachers and coaches that were either a positive or a negative one. I know I wouldn’t have been capable of writing this today without the coaches and teachers, who pushed me, believed in me and simply didn’t give up on me. We all, of course, remember those people who believed in us because those people inspired us to do our best—people who invigorate others to do well while possessing an almost childlike faith in their own vision and their ability to create excitement and change. Young people will follow a leader whose message, directions and vision inspires them and makes their lives more meaningful. For those of you who feel you lack inspirational attributes, possessing a strong belief in your own message will often overcome those self-perceived shortcomings.

Why the 10 Steps to Success program? Well, first I think you need to ask yourself some questions. Are you teaching the skills found in the program? If you think you are, would the kids be able to recite back to you the skills they are learning if you tested them? Are you explaining these skills with consistency?

Most importantly, are you putting these skills on paper and giving them to your students or players to study? Do you emphasize these skills in your everyday activities?

Through years of research, I know the effectiveness of this program is enhanced because the student receives it from you, a third-party authority figure who is not their parent. And because you are in that position, what you say can resonate with these kids forever. The 10 Steps to Success is a guide to teach them the life skills to be even more successful now and later in life.

There are three major roadblocks to feel like you are making a difference—thinking you are too old or too young to make a difference; putting off taking the first step; and doing nothing because you feel you can do so little.

With this program in hand, you have the opportunity of a lifetime—to make a difference in a young person’s life forever. As Helen Keller, an inspiration to so many, once said, “I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.”

Join a team that is having a positive impact on thousands of young lives forever through the teachings of 10 Steps to Success. Sign up.

Jim Brogan & the Team

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